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This page lets you enter the latitude/longitude of a location and in turn gives you the sunrise/sunset data for that particular location. Any location can be entered this way. Any place on the whole globe. Good luck.

You can calculate the sunrise, sunset, twilight, moonrise, moonset and twilight times for any location if you know the longitude and latitude.

Longitude is in degrees, plus (+) for East of Greenwich (Europe), minus (-) for West (as in USA).
Latitude is in degrees, plus (+) for North of the equator, minus (-) for South.

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Year:   Month:   Day:

Longitude:     east   west   degrees   minutes

Latitude:     north   south   degrees   minutes

Time Zone:     hours   east of Greenwich   west of Greenwich

Place Name:    

The place name you enter above is used only in the table header; you can enter any identifier, or none (do not use punctuation characters).

Need coordinates? Click here
Need a time zone? Click here

By the way, the output does not account for daylight savings time.

If you are interested in obtaining the equations for calculating sunrise, sunset, solar noon and/or moon phase, rise and set, please e-mail me.

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