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Current Weather Images In General (USA)
US Doppler Radar Another US Doppler Radar Yet Another US Doppler Radar
US Composite Map Current National Image Global Satellite View
Latest Global Ozone Image Temperature Map Current temps this hour
Current temps Satellite Image of the US Atlantic Infrared Enhanced
E. Pacific Infrared Excellent infrared satellite Latest infrared!
Awesome USA photo US Cloud Cover US Snow Cover
US Soil Moisture US Ultraviolet Index Lows so far today
Highs so far today US Heat Index Current wind chill values
Windchill chart Heat Index chart Water Vapor Map of US and Tropics
Percentage of Normal Precip Mold Spores Cloud Top Pressure
Global Montage Sounder Precipitable Water Drought Index
24-Hour Rainfall Current Weather Depiction Realtime GOES IR
Current Satellite/ Surface Map N & S America Cloud Cover Surface Snow Depth
US Total Precip Composite Radar w/ Tops Snow Accumulation
UV Index Map Haines Fire Index U.S. 3-hr rain accumulation
Frost Advisories U.S. Dewpoint Cloud Temperature Map
Tree Pollen Map Today's Mold Spore Levels Today's Grass Pollen Levels
Eastern US Water Vapor Western US Water Vapor U.S. Convective Cloud Tops
U.S. Analysis U.S. Radar Summary Surface Analysis
N. America Surface Analysis Surface Data Plot 24-hour Precip Accumulation
US Analysis

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Current Regional Images
Northwest (satellite) North Central (satellite) Northeast Satellite
Southwest (satellite) South Central (satellite) Southeast (satellite)
USA Visible Satellite West Eastern Satellite Western Hemisphere Infrared Image
Current weather conditions for eastern USA Current weather conditions for central USA Current weather conditions for western USA
Infrared Image of Hawaii Alaska Satellite Image Northwestern Cloud Cover
Northeastern Cloud Cover Southeastern Cloud Cover Mid-Western Cloud Cover
Mid-Western Infrared Image Hawaii Infrared Satellite Alaska Infrared Satellite
Western US cloud cover East Coast Infrared West Coast Infrared

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U.S. Data by State
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USA Forecast Maps
Some of the links below show no data. Those links are the 3, 6, 9, and 12 hour forecast maps for each region. I'm not sure if these images will ever be available again; the other links work fine though.
USA 24 hour forecast map USA 48 hour forecast map 3-Hour forecast for eastern USA
6-Hour forecast for eastern USA 9-Hour forecast for eastern USA 12-Hour forecast for eastern USA
Today's forecast for eastern USA Tomorrow's forecast for eastern USA Three day forecast for eastern USA
3-Hour forecast for central USA 6-Hour forecast for central USA 9-Hour forecast for central USA
12-Hour forecast for central USA Today's forecast for central USA Tomorrow's forecast for central USA
Three day forecast for central USA 3-Hour forecast for western USA 6-Hour forecast for western USA
9-Hour forecast for western USA 12-Hour forecast for western USA Today's forecast for western USA
Tomorrow's forecast for western USA Three day forecast for western USA Precipitation Forecast
Temperature Forecast Probability of Precipitation Minimum Temperatures Expected
Maximum Temperatures Expected Temp & Precip Outlooks 48-hour satellite forecast
36-hour satellite forecast 24-hour satellite forecast 12-hour satellite forecast
U.S. Weather Threats 6-10 Day Forecast USA Convective Forecasts
Forecast Wind Speed 24-Hour surface forecast

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European Images
10-Day Temperature Outlook for Europe Europe Infrared European surface temperatures
Europe Satellite Visible Another Europe Satellite Image Cloud Forecast
Rainfall Chart Tomorrow's forecast Europe Soil Moisture
European Visible Satellite Europe cloud forecast Europe Lightning
UK Surface Map Surface Analysis Storm Threats
Satellite Analysis Italy Infrared Satellite 300mb Height Analysis NEW!

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U.S. Data by State
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Seismic Activity
Recent Los Angeles Area Quakes Northern California Quake Map Recent Hawaii Quakes
Latest California Quake info Recent Mojave Desert area Quakes Continental US weekly report
World Report Global Quake Summary Canada Seismicity
Europe Seismicity South America Seismicity Alaska Seismicity
Africa Seismicity E. Hemisphere Seismicity W. Hemisphere Seismicity
Recent S.F. Area Quakes Recent Long Valley Area Quakes

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Storm Warnings, etc.
Lightning Srike Data Flood Risk Flood Threat
US Watches & Warnings ALL US Warnings (current) Thunderstorm Probability
Severe Thunderstorm Probability Severe Weather Summary Lightning Strikes -- Texas (1)
Lightning Strikes -- Florida Lightning Strikes -- Indiana Lightning Strikes -- Texas (2)
Lightning Strikes -- North Carolina Lightning Strikes -- Arkansas Lightning Strikes -- New Jersey
Lightning Strikes -- Connecticut Lightning Strikes -- Minnesota Lightning Strikes -- Virginia
Lightning Strikes -- Tennessee Lightning Strikes -- Colorado Experimental Lightning Image

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Hurricanes, Cyclones, Tropical Storms, etc.

Tropical Coverage (active storms)

Max Winds approx. Hurricane Warnings Strike Probability
Atlantic Tropical Activity N.E. Pacific Cyclones N.W. Pacific Cyclones
S.E. Pacific Activity S.W. Pacific Activity Atlantic Satellite
E. Pacific Satellite ALL US Warnings (current) Atlantic Infrared Enhanced
Pacific Satellite (great) Atlantic Tropical Discussion Pacific Tropical Discussion
Caribbean Satellite Tropical Weather Outlook (Atlantic) Tropical Weather Outlook (Pacific)
GOES 8 Hurricane Tracking IR (excellent!!) Tropical Storm/Hurricane Advisories Storm Surge Forecast
Indian Tropical Outlook Atlantic Tropical Summary Pacific Tropical Summary
Tropical Infrared Worldwide Activity N. Hemisphere tropical map
N. Indian Ocean Activity S. Indian Ocean Activity Tropical Surface Analysis
Detailed Atlantic Atlantic Satellite Loop

Also, check out the section on bodies of water and water temperatures. Click here for that.

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Bodies of Water
Great Lakes Surface Environmental Analysis Composite 14km Analysis Great Lakes / NOAA-14 Operation day/nite
Gulf Stream-- North Gulf Stream-- South
Global Sea Temperatures Great Lakes Infrared
Lake Erie Eastern Basin Ice Cover South Atlantic Infrared
Atlantic Satellite E. Pacific Satellite
Pacific Infared W. Pacific Satellite
N. Hemisphere Ice Cover S. Hemisphere Ice Cover
Indian Ocean Satellite Bering Sea Surface Height
Pacific Infrared Composite Western Pacific Satellite
Global Land & Sea Cloud Temps Gulf of Mexico Buoy Obs.
North Gulf Stream water temp South Gulf Stream water temp
Another Global Sea Surface Temps SST Weekly Anomaly
Water Survivability N. Atlantic Sea Heights

Also, check out the section on hurricanes and storms. Click here for that.

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Other Area Maps
Africa Satellite Image Middle East Satellite Image Asia Satellite Image
Australia Satellite Image South America Satellite Image North America Satellite image
Tomorrow's forecast for Australia Tomorrow's forecast for Asia Tomorrow's forecast for Africa
Tomorrow's forecast for South America Forecasts for North America UK Infrared
New Zealand Infrared New Zealand Visible Satellite Image of Canada
Western Canada Satellite Eastern Canada Satellite Eastern N. America Infrared
Puerto Rico Infrared Satellite Image of Australia Satellite Image of Queensland
USA Airport Conditions Guam Satellite S. America Infrared
Hong Kong Temperatures Middle East 24hr forecast Middle East Satellite
Middle East precip Japan Infrared Russia Infrared
Guam Infrared Thailand Infrared Mexico Forecast
Canada Forecast Puerto Rico Infrared Far East Surface Obs.
Africa Surfcace Obs. S. America Surfcace Obs. Another S. America infrared
WA Australia Lightning NT Australia Lightning SA Australia Lightning
QLD Australia Lightning NSW Australia Lightning TAS Australia Lightning

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Aviation Corner
Windspeed Map Surface Convergence Pressure Analysis and Wind Vectors Surface analysis
Icing Advisories Turbulence Advisories Relative Humidity Forecast Surface Forecast
300 mb Forecast 500 mb Forecast 700 mb Forecast 850 mb Forecast
Long-term Surface Forecasts Sustained Wind Speed Visibility Alaska: Areas of Icing
Alaska: Turbulence US/Canada Precipitable Water MRF Forecast of 200mb Winds and Divergence 700mb Vertical Velocity
500mb Geopotential Heights Sea Level Pressure 850mb Temp/Humidity/Wind 200mb Winds
Europe 850mb Temperature Europe - MRF Forecast of 200mb Winds and Divergence Northern Hempisphere 200mb Winds 300mb National Jet Stream map
Tropics 700mb Vertical Velocity Northern Ice Concentration Southern Ice Concentration Pacific 300mb Jet Stream
Jet Stream Position 850mb Relative Humidity San Diego Upper Air Sounding Vandenberg Upper Air Sounding
Oakland Upper Air Sounding U.S. Flight Delays Supercooled droplets map U.S. Surface Wind Plots
Albuquerque, NM Soundings South America 200mb Winds U.S. Vorticity Airmets / Sigmets

Also, click here for NOTAM (notice to airmen) pages but first, please bookmark this page!

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(Short radar and satellite loops)
Eastern U.S. - infrared satellite Eastern U.S. - visible satellite Satellite loop of Australia
Western U.S. - infrared satellite Western U.S. - visible satellite Rotating Globe
Pacific - infrared satellite Pacific - visible satellite Africa satellite loop
Atlantic - infrared satellite Atlantic - visible satellite Europe infrared loop
Gulf of Mexico - infrared Gulf of Mexico - visible 24hr US Radar Loop

If you use a PC and need a program to view the "mpg" files click here to download a program.
Or click here to download a different program (QuickTime for Mac users)
Or here to download Microsoft's Media Player 6.0

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U.S. Data by State
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Surf Information
Hawaiian Surf Report California Islands Wave Heights L.A. Area Wave Heights
Global Wave heights Atlantic Wave heights Pacific Wave heights
Australian Surf Santa Barbara Channel Wave Model Northern California Surf Forecast
San Diego Wave Heights 24-hour Pacific surf forecast Orange County, CA surf
Southern CA swells

Also, check out the section on bodies of water and water temperatures. Click here for that.

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City and Regional Doppler Radars

Also, check out the NWS doppler radar images! NEW!
Amarillo, TX Anchorage, AK Atlanta, GA Austin, TX
Baltimore, MD Baton Rouge, LA Boston, MA Buffalo, NY
Caribou, ME Cedar Rapids, IA Central Texas Charleston, SC
Charleston, WV Charlotte, NC Chattanooga, TN Chicago, IL
Cincinnati, OH Cleveland, OH Columbia, MO Columbia, SC
Columbus, OH Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Dayton, OH Decatur, IL
Del Rio-Laughlin AFB, TX Denver, CO Des Moines, IA Detroit, MI
Enterprise, AL Evansville, IN Fairbanks, AK Fort Smith, AR
Fort Wayne, IN Great Falls, MT Grand Rapids, MI Green Bay, WI
Greenville, SC Hartford, CT Honolulu, HI Houston, TX
Huntsville, AL Indianapolis, IN Jacksonville, FL NEW! Joplin, MO
Kansas City, MO Lancaster, PA Las Vegas, NV Lexington, KY
Little Rock, AR Louisville, KY Lubbock, TX Macon, GA
Madision, WI Memphis, TN Midwest Milwaukee, WI
Minneapolis, MN Mobile, AL Moline, IL Monroe, LA
Myrtle Beach, SC Nashville, TN New Orleans, LA New York, NY
Norfolk, VA Northeast Northern California Northwest
Oklahoma City, OK Omaha, NE Orlando/Tampa, FL Pennsylvania
Phoenix, AZ Pittsburgh, PA Portland, OR Providence, RI
Raleigh, NC Richmond, VA Roanoke, VA Rockford, IL
Sacramento, CA San Antonio, TX Savannah, GA Seattle, WA
Shreveport, LA South Bend, IN South Central Southeast
Southern California Southwest Springfield, MO St. Louis, MO
St. Paul, MN Toledo, OH Tulsa, OK Waco, TX
Wausau, WI Washington, D.C. Wichita Falls, TX
Czech Republic New Brunswick Nova Scotia Puerto Rico
Central Canada Western Canada Germany Denmark
Holland United Kingdom Other European radars Prudente, Brazil
Japan Singapore More European radars Barcelona, Spain
Doppler Radar Section

This area is built totally by everyone who uses this page. To get your favorite doppler radar added, E-mail me!
Also, check out the NWS doppler radars page. Check it out!!

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