About me
the guy behind Live Weather Images
(In brief...what this weather site is all about and a little bit about myself...)

Well, there's not a whole lot to say. My weather site is simply designed to help you get the information pertaining to weather more efficiently.

This weather page started off with about three weather images and it was for my own personal use. I made the page for myself so that I could quickly get online and get the information I wanted-- immediately, and without having to flip-flop between several different pages. Well, one thing led to another and I started adding more images for myself. Then I started telling my friends about the page and they started telling people about it. That's when I started getting serious about the page and started adding more and more images to it and started advertising. In November of 1997 I registered my own domain name (weatherimages.org) and transferred everything to the new site. That's when people really started flocking in! Since then it has continued to grow. And this is where I am now.

Please understand that this site is free for you to use. It costs you nothing. Some people seem to get the wrong impression of my site and they think they have to pay for the use of it. Nope! My site is for educational purposes only and is a non-profit site. I receive no income or special benefits from my site. It's free for you to use. Now, donations are appreciated so I can keep the site online and running, but not required.

And by the way, I don't get paid for doing this. I do this weather site for my own pleasure and self-satisfaction in my free time. This is a hobby! It's an expensive hobby, so any donations are more than welcome because without money... this site can't exist. Please click here for information on donations.

At the top of the main weather page, in red, there is text that briefly explains that all the images come from other sites. And at the bottom of the page for each image I usually give credit to the owner of the image (if possible) The disclaimer just simply says that the images come from outside sources and that you shouldn't use the information to make serious decisions. My page IS NOT intended to make it look like I do all the weather imaging myself. Many people don't like having to flip flop between several different weather pages to see what they want and that's what my site is for. To just simply make it easier to access and view many of the more popular weather images and data. I try to pull all those images together onto one easy to use and user friendly weather site.

So in brief, my page is just to help you, the internet surfer. To help you view the weather you want, without loosing any of your hair. :-)

If you ever have any problems with any of the pages please let me know. Comments are welcome as well as suggestions and questions. Click below to e-mail me.

Well, that is some information about my site and how it got started and why it's here.. How bout some info on me specifically? Click HERE to find out some information about me... the author of this website!

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